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Gary & Susan

Gary & Susan Conner

Founders/Owners, Gary and Susan Conner established C I C, Inc., in 1986 following Gary's 15+ years of service to industry in various sales positions, which included maintenance welding alloys and eventually protective coatings and floor systems. Realizing sales would increase if there was a means to apply the protective coatings and floor systems the husband and wife team created C I C, Inc.

From its humble beginning in which Susan handled all the clerical and book work and even joined Gary on sales calls and installation projects they are proud to say they  built C I C, Inc., from the ground up. More, than 30 years later C I C, Inc. has established itself as a first-class leader in the sales and installation resinous and seamless flooring systems.

Today, Gary and Susan, while enjoying retirement, still serve as the CEO and CFO.

Sonny Conner

Sonny Conner

Sonny is the proud son of Gary and Susan. "Growing up" in the business provided Sonny with the opportunity to see every aspect of the business while learning it from the ground up. Much of his hands on experience came while home on breaks and vacations from Georgia Southern University where Sonny earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees. It was during this time that Sonny was exposed to every facet of the business.  In the Spring of 1996 Sonny joined his parents business full-time, again involved in every aspect of the business.

In the Spring of 2010 Gary and Susan appointed Sonny as President of C I C, Inc. As President Sonny and with the help of staff Sonny is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the business.

Glenn Sutherby

Glenn Sutherby
Installation Supervisor

Glenn begin his career in protective coatings and flooring installations while proudly serving his country in the United States Navy. Glenn joined C I C, Inc., in the Spring of 2007 as an experienced Installer. Today, Glenn serves as Installation Supervisor and assists Sonny in managing the logistics and operations of C I C, Inc.

Karen Hlusko
Executive Assistant / Accounting Manager

Karen Hlusko joined C I C, Inc., in August, 2017. She has a background in accounting and office management. Karen currently serves as our Executive Assistant and Accounting Manager, as well as conducting additional support functions. Karen is often our first line of contact especially with new and potential customers.