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Innovative Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions

C I C, Inc., has the industrial or commercial flooring solution you've been looking for. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let's work together to find a floor that's right for your facility and your budget.

Automotive Showroom & Shop Floors

Automotive Showroom & Shop Floors

Service drives and bays, garages, shop floors, and customer service areas all deserve a classic look. C I C, Inc., will custom design epoxy coating, polyurethane coating, resurfacer, and decorative systems to give your facility a new car shine.

Chemical Storage & Secondary Containment

In manufacturing environments exposed to harsh chemicals or severe temperatures, a vinyl ester or epoxy novolac system is recommended. Vinyl esters and epoxy novolacs are used mainly in the chemical processing industries, environments that require secondary containment, or any area where concrete is exposed to chemical attack. Epoxy novolac systems are an excellent choice for battery charging areas. A complete line of corrosion-control systems allows C I C, Inc., the ability to custom-formulate a solution for you.

Commercial & Hospitality

Retail establishments, animal care facilities, stadiums, restaurants, hotels/motels  and grocery stores all deserve world-class floors. C I C, Inc., has a flooring solution that's right for you.

Education & Institution

Locker rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and corridors all present cleaning and high traffic challenges for institutions. Our education & institution flooring offers both aesthetic beauty and long term durability. We can custom match color schemes and install logos specific to your organization.

Electronics & ESD Control Flooring

In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury, and financial loss. Even when people are equipped to handle static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact can occur. An electrostatic discharge during assembly of sensitive equipment can cause damage that may not be noticed for months. C I C, Inc., offers the most comprehensive ESD line in the industry, providing added insurance against ESD and latent failures.

Fire & Rescue Stations

Food & Beverage Processing

Food and beverage facilities must conform to strict USDA, FDA, and government requirements. Included in these requirements is a flooring system that can withstand chemical spills, abrasion, thermal shock, frequent hot and cold-water washings, heavy industrial traffic, and high impact. Furthermore, these systems must be hygienic and provide resistance to pathogen growth. C I C, Inc., can install flooring systems specifically designed to stand up to the various abusive conditions in dairy, meat and poultry processing plants and other food preparation facilities.

Hanger Floors


Hygiene critical environments. They are all around us. Designing healthcare facility flooring is all about being able to combine the health and safety requirements that are imposed on such facilities with aesthetics thus fulfilling the emotional needs of the patients and visitors that are in that healthcare facility. Whether its lobbies and entrances, hallways, restrooms & locker rooms, operating rooms, clean rooms, emergency departments or patient care rooms. C I C, Inc. offers unprecedented hygienic healthcare flooring.

Industrial & Manufacturing

From light duty to heavy duty C I C Inc.'s Industrial and Manufacturing floor systems offer unsuppressed protection and a safer, more easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing surface.

If the rigors of heavy wheeled and/or steel wheeled traffic, heavy/high impact and high abrasion describes the everyday requirements of your floor, our super heavy-duty (metallic-filled) flooring systems can provide unsurpassed protection in the harshest of environments.